Start of Week 3: Python Stack

Today was HUGE. We started our first full stack, Python. Just some quick info about Python:

  • It’s an interpreted language, which means it doesn’t need to be compiled
  • Python is frequently used in data science and machine learning
  • Python is simpler to read and write in terms of syntax. It doesn’t require curly braces like JavaScript and instead uses indentation to create different block groups.
  • Python functions very similar to JavaScript.
  • There are A LOT of built in method and functions to use with Python

Before starting with Python, we received our scores for the second Web Fundamentals belt exam. I surprisingly did better than I thought. 9.9 out of 10. Still aiming for that elusive  10 out of 10…


After getting our exam scores, it was time for the daily morning algorithm. This one involved a given array and value, with which we needed to move the value to the first index of the array. Simple enough? The catch was we were NOT allowed to use any built in methods like .push() or .shift() and .unshift(). This made things a little more tricky. I developed a solution but couldn’t figure out how to write the code for it. After about an hour, we presented different group solutions. After seeing the first solution, I realized that I still struggle with overthinking the problem and finding the most complex way to solve these algorithms. The first group simply created a new array and immediately added the given value as the first index. From there it was as simple as just iterating over the given array and moving those values over to the new array. Simple, right?! Haha.


Moving on to Python, We started the morning with a real quick lecture. We went over the differences between Python and JavaScript and then talked about some Python specific attributes. After the morning discussion it was time to download Python. I was a little surprised we were going to be working with Python 2.X instead of Python 3.X but it was explained in a way that actually made sense. Long story short, Python 3 isn’t backwards compatible with Python 2 and  a lot of businesses and web developers still utilize Python 2. If one did need to move from 2 to 3, it would be an easier transition than working backwards.

I had some memory issues with my GitBash. It would keep giving an IO Error anytime I ran a large loop. I asked one of the instructors for help and he couldn’t quite figure it out either. I decided to use both the Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell. Fortunately, PowerShell uses the same command-line interface commands as a Mac or Linux system.


The next few hours were spent working on assignments that involved variables and conditionals to get us used to working with the Python syntax. I left the Dojo a little later than usual today. I spent a good 12 hours there today! My goal is to increase my weekly hour total to 70-75+ hours per week. I’m averaging 60-65 hours right now…

Tomorrow is more Python functions, dictionaries, and tuples!

Week One is Finished!

Officially finished up week one of the bootcamp yesterday. It’s crazy to think how far we all have come since the first day. Just a few weeks ago, I never thought that I would be able to recreate the design and layout of a real professional website. Now here I am being tested on that skill with only 5 hours to complete the exam!

level up

The saying is true, “Practice makes permanent” and I had a BUNCH of opportunities to practice this week. Side note: another great saying I found this weekend, “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” I think that saying is so powerful. I really am trying my best to be as dedicated and committed to coding as I am with music and teaching. I feel like if I can at least match that intensity while learning and coding, I’ll MAYBE be okay.

motivation cat

I arrived at the Dojo early Friday morning. I wanted to finish up a previous CSS assignment from Thursday. I remember working on it for hours and feeling lost, frustrated, and depleted. Anytime I would change one property, it would warp my entire CSS layout. Thursday was not a good day. Friday morning, HOWEVER, was much better.

I felt relaxed and more clear minded after a night off from coding. It was wonderful. Sometimes it really does help to step away from a problem for a little bit especially if you are stuck. Friday morning, I was breezing through all of the parts I struggled with on Thursday. I didn’t suddenly become a better coder overnight. I was just working with greater focus and with a clearer mind. That was a very important lesson for me.

Anyway, I took the HTML/CSS Belt Exam on Friday. I started just a little after 9 a.m. I feel as if I did well. It took me about 2.5 hours to complete and I spent about half an hour just going over details and making sure the upload worked. Speaking of upload, some of my cohort members learned an important lesson about frequent saves and uploads that morning…That’s all I’ll say about that.

After the exam, I took a longer lunch to decompress and then immediately began working on the next section which is JavaScript. I feel like this new section is going to be harder than HTML and CSS but I’m going to prepare as best I can. Trying my best to be prepared and stay ahead of the curriculum.

be prepared

I am hoping to finish the JavaScript Module this weekend and be ready to discuss DOM manipulation on Monday!

P.S. SUPER excited about sushi tonight for my girlfriend’s birthday! 🙂