My First Week as a Developer

So on this past Monday, I started my first week as a Rails developer at CrateBind. Needless to say, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions from Monday to Friday filled with peaks of well written functioning code to valleys of doubt and insecurity with every character I type. My entire week could be described as filled with excitement and terror!


Fortunately, the work environment is fantastic. Everyone is super friendly and always willing to answer all of my questions or just chat for a little bit. I really feel like the environment is suited to foster the growth of all employees, which is fantastic and makes me feel right at home.


I can sometimes set very high standards for myself and I recognize that has been the source of a lot of my stress this week. However, despite being hard on myself, I learned many important things this week:

  • I don’t know everything about programming, and even more importantly, I’m not expected to. I’m a beginner/junior developer and in addition to contributing as much as I can, my goal should be to learn as much as possible!
  • As hard as it is to see right now, I don’t suck, I’m just not experienced.
  • Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions! This one was a hard lesson for me. Everyone is busy working on features, bug fixes, or are starting new projects and sometimes I would hesitate asking a question for fear of bothering or pestering them. What I’ve discovered is that is indeed NOT the case and people are super willing to offer help.
  • Don’t give up. Be persistent, but at the same time, don’t beat your head against the wall trying to solve a problem. Take a break. Give your brain some time to rest and internalize the situation. It’s called Passive Learning. When you come back to the problem, try approaching it from a different perspective! This has worked almost every time for me.

I am extremely excited to be where working at where I am and I’m looking forward to more lessons in the future. In the mean time, time to prepare for week two!


“Don’t Call It A Comeback”


It’s been awhile since my last post but I’m excited to be back! A LOT has happened since I last gave an update. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Completed the MEAN stack and earned a Red Belt
  • Got a 15 inch Macbook Pro! (May my PC rest in peace…)
  • Completed the Ruby on Rails stack and earned a Black Belt
  • Updated my resume! (This was fun…)
  • Worked on several projects to beef up my resume/portfolio including learning React Native! (Woot mobile development! Btw, click HERE to check out my portfolio!)
  • Started attending several tech meet up around the DFW metroplex and met many really cool developers from all backgrounds (Even music!)
  • Apply for jobs, apply for jobs, and apply for more jobs…
  • Go on my FIRST developer interview!
  • Apply for more jobs…
  • Speak to many recruiters about different positions
  • Apply for more jobs…
  • Not get a call back from my first developer interview!
  • Apply for more jobs…
  • Go on my SECOND developer interview!
  • Apply for more jobs…
  • Go to more meet ups, meet more awesome people, work on more projects, and speak to a few more recruiters, and apply for more jobs! (I lumped these all together because at this point it felt like all of these things were happeningĀ  simultaneously)
  • Go on my THIRD developer interview and receive an offer!
  • Accept offer and now I start my new profession tomorrow!

All caught up??? GREAT!


Seriously, this has been a crazy month since graduating from the bootcamp in early July. I’m grateful for all of the support from my family, friends, and especially my wonderfully optimistic girlfriend. I absolutely cannot wait to start this new profession!I know I still have so much to learn but I’m very eager to get started.

Here’s to tomorrow!

It’s a new day.