Week 4 – Day 6 (Saturday)


It is CRAZY to think that it has almost been a whole month since joining the Dojo! I am essentially a little under one-third of the way through the entire program. Two weeks of Web Fundamentals and two weeks of Python sure makes the time here seem like it’s flying by.


On Monday we will be joined by a new group coming to the Dojo for the first time. I am pretty excited about this. I have no idea if it’s going to be a small class like us or a huge one like the ones before us. Either way, it’s always fun meeting new people and sharing in the same experience. I feel like there’s a unique bond that is created when we all endure coding hardship together!


I find myself always being the one asking for help and maybe this will provide an opportunity to finally pay it back and offer up some help to the new guys. Kind of on a selfish note, I REALLY miss teaching! I am hoping this will satisfy my desire to help others understand coding and that you have to struggle a lot to get a little.

Something else on my mind is next Friday is our Python belt exam. It’s the culmination of everything we know so far put the test. A four hour test. While I typically feel like I am a good test taker, this one has me a little nervous. I think it’s because most of the test is going to involve creating a website using Django (which we just started yesterday) and deploying it (which I don’t know how to do yet). So far, I like Django, but I am hoping to take this next week to become more comfortable with it.


Last thing on my mind are algorithms. I feel like I should be better at these. Each morning is a little bit of a struggle. I’m going to revisit the algorithm platform Coding Dojo provides and possibly check out outside resources like HackerRank or CoderByte. I’ve heard that solving algorithms on a whiteboard is a HUGE part of the interview process.

P.S. Rockets play this Sunday in the first round of games against Minnesota in the playoffs. To sum up my feelings, see below:


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