Week Three – Day 3 (Wednesday)

Just a short update today since I forgot to do it last night!

Started off as usual with algorithms and then we talked about Object-Oriented Programming. This is a HUGE topic in the world of programming. OOP basically allows you to create a “blueprint” for different things/situations with different attributes and it allows you to do/create things with different methods. Classes are the the blueprint and objects (a.k.a instances) are the product or the result.

An example would be, for instance, creating an operating system. Imagine a typical window on your computer. Most windows share certain attributes, such as they all have a close, minimize, and maximize function. Additionally, they all have titles on the top bar. They all, possibly, share a certain style or design. OOP helps us achieve this in a super efficient way! We can have a class (blueprint) for every window! The class will have attributes for EVERY window so they look the same and , additionally, it will have methods so that they  function (minimize, maximize, and exit) the same.

The alternative to OOP is hard-coding line by line…by line..by….line….AND on top of that you would be repeating yourself often! Totally the LONG way to do it.

After OOP, we were told that there was a graduation ceremony on Friday for one of the older cohorts. We were also asked if anyone from our cohort would like to volunteer to present a past project at that graduation. I don’t really have much of a working product to present but I volunteered anyway. I’m not sure how many people are going to be there or how it is even organized but I am looking forward to the opportunity to share  what I learned so far with other people!

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