Last Day of Python Class

Today was the last Python class. More people showed up than last week. Interestingly, our teacher for the past three week was out sick today. The lead instructor for Coding Dojo Dallas filled in for him today.

I was eager to see what kind of teacher he was compared to our original teacher. I thought our first teacher was good but you could tell he was kind of new to teaching. His information was good and he explained things clearly but he didn’t seem to know how to explain things another way if some people didn’t quite get the concept the first time.

The teacher today, however, teaches like a seasoned vet. He is quick with analogies and examples which only come with experience from teaching. I really like his teaching style and found myself more engaged with the lesson. It was REALLY good.

Anyway, when class was over, I walked up to him to introduce myself. Nothing crazy. Just told him about how excited I am to begin on Monday at Coding Dojo.

After class, I walked to the parking garage with another teacher who told me he is signed up for the June cohort. I’ll probably get to see him for a week or two before I have to graduate. He seemed friendly enough but I forgot to catch his name. I did get connect with a few other people. One student I talked to seemed to be really comfortable with coding. He mentioned being self taught and maybe took a few community college classes. He seemed really chill and maybe someone I could study with sometime so I asked for his contact info. He seemed genuine in his offer to meet up sometime and talk coding.

Anyway, I came home made dinner (keto salad!) and kept working on more pre-course assignments. I’m almost done! Just a few more problems left. Each one keeps getting harder but I’m looking forward to meeting the challenge! I’ll leave you with a HYPE Rockets gif:


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